Gautam ShenoyDBIA

Senior Associate / Director: Design Technology

Gautam’s life is an effervescent conundrum that strikes a harmonious balance between the values of two beautiful cultures, Indian and American. As a BIM VDC Director for Steinberg Hart, he can explore uncharted contours of a multifaceted discipline that chips corners off unfolding spaces and breathes character into the obscure.

Gautam grew up in India and after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Architecture, he moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue a master's degree (in Building Science) at USC.

Aside from leading the BIM and Design Technology practice at Steinberg Hart, he specializes in speaking at conferences about interdisciplinary collaboration strategies and trade coordination on traditional design-assist and design-build projects. Gautam works with clients, design-build partners and teams alike to establish integration protocols, workflows while implementing the latest in AEC technology. He takes immense interest in teaching and believe sharing knowledge is fundamental to professional development and personal well-being.