1411 Flower Los Angeles, California

1411 Flower Micro Units Housing is one part of a larger movement in Los Angeles to solve the city's rising housing shortage, providing a beneficial option for both residents and developers. The project aims to create a sustainable home that improves the lives of its residents and benefits the greater environment.

  • Location

    Los Angeles, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Housing Diversity Corp / STS Development and Construction Services

  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Size

    95,700 SF; 227 Units

Located in a transit-rich area, Downtown Los Angeles, the 8-story apartment building with 308 square foot average micro units utilizes the city’s Transit-Oriented Communities program and proposes zero parking for the residential units. As a result, it encourages sustainable commuting, reduce traffic congestion and increase quality of life and enrich city life. The focus is to celebrate health & wellness for sustainability-oriented tenants where public transportation, bicycling and walking is preferred to car use. The building is situated in a highly desirable, walkable mixed-use environment, where neighboring businesses, restaurants and cultural institutions are part of the amenity package.

The building offers a wide variety of amenity spaces, encouraging residents to socialize, work, and gather outside of their individual units. Residents benefit from ample and diverse open spaces, capturing the needs of everyday living and engaging tenants to create their own distinct sense of place and community. The ground level offers transitional and cozy lounges, communal kitchen and gaming, collaborative and focused areas, centered fitness and an outdoor courtyard. The expansive amenity-filled rooftop offers fabulous views of city skyline, lounges w/fire pits and movie projection nights.

While responding to the required setbacks, the building occupies a narrow site and accommodates a wide pedestrian sidewalk. The landscaping and patios in front of each of the live/work units provide a transition between the building and the streetscape.


The project’s design concept, massing, and façade detailing finds its inspiration in the existing mature ficus trees located prominently along South Flower Street. The building massing is inspired by the tree analogy and its natural formation, while blending into the surrounding growth with a screened façade that mirrors the trees’ canopies.


The materials reflect the integration of architecture and environment, and the relationship between space and nature. The layering of the tree structure, colors and textures are echoed throughout the building.


At the entry of the building, the façade peels away to reveal a welcoming entrance for residents and visitors. The permeable entry through the breezeway provides a ground level access to the lobby, lounges, and courtyard, creating a physical connection and visual continuity from the city sidewalk into building life.