6tenEast Sunnyvale, California

6tenEast is a residential development focused on creating community.

  • Location

    Sunnyvale, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Sares Regis of Northern California

  • Status


  • Size

    300,000 SF
    205 Units

The development is within walking and biking distance of Moffett Park, a technology-focused business district of Sunnyvale that includes Google and Amazon among its current residents. Aiming to appeal to working professionals, the design centers around livability and connection for people working within the industry.


Located on 4 acres directly adjacent to the 101 freeway and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission water lines, the site allows for a single access point for the entire development.  With access, exterior noise, and resident connection leading the design, the solution was an inward-facing, amenity-rich building.  Multiple internal courtyards create a sanctuary from the outside world while encouraging social interaction and connection between residents.  The courtyards are filled with full-size trees and lush landscaping that offer shade and additional noise control.  The distinct variations of the building façade evokes a hospitality feel upon approach, while a large circular drive allows residents, visitors, and trades to access the building simultaneously.

An above grade parking structure wraps the outer side of the development, insulating residents from freeway noise, and allowing for direct floor access from parking to resident’s homes. Amenities include a pool, lounge and kitchen, BBQ area, gym, and work space.  An exterior walking path gives residents dedicated area to walk their pets and connects to the surrounding bike paths leading to Moffett Park.