Archbishop Mitty High School, Science & Learning Resource Center San Jose, California

The John A. and Susan Sobrato Science and Student Life Center is a multi-disciplinary building for science education and student life that finalizes the Archbishop Mitty High School campus.

  • Location

    San Jose, California

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  • Client

    Archbishop Mitty High School

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  • Size

    17,800 SF

When the school’s robust science program outgrew its classroom space, Steinberg Hart worked with Mitty High School to design a building that not only supports science education but acts as a central hive for campus life. Its design and thoughtful placement in the campus make the Science Center the central node that meaningfully connects the high school’s athletic fields, learning areas, and main courtyard. It completes the campus quad as the fourth side, enclosing and defining the school’s central ceremonial space.

Inside the Science and Student Life Center, students use state of the art facilities to study physics, chemistry, computer science, and robotics. The first floor of the Science and Student Life Center holds a spacious lounge with an area for students to connect socially, collaborate on projects, or gather their thoughts between classes. The room has floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Schott Family Commons, the inner courtyard at the center of campus. With the fluidity of the NanaWalls, the building blurs the distinction between the indoor and outdoor environments and offers a public space that can be reduced or enlarged as needed. The completed Science Center is the largest construction project in the school’s history.