Avalon at Cahill San Jose, California

This 218-unit apartment complex, which is located on approximately 4 acres in downtown San Jose, spans an entire block within the city's midtown-specific plan.

  • Location

    San Jose, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Avalon Bay Communities

  • Status


  • Size

    386,952 SF
    218 Units

This transitional area includes a residential neighborhood with 1920s-craftsman-style bungalows and an aging cannery warehouse district that sidles up to railroad tracks and an emerging downtown. The project was designed to address these varied contextual edges while also complying with city requirements.

Scale, density, and creative use of building materials reinforce the character of the existing edges. The retail edge includes flats and townhomes over commercial space with brick and metal accents.

Adjacent cannery buildings are referenced by 4- and 5-story loft-style residences with metal corrugates, industrial windows, awnings, and window treatments. Historic bungalows are referenced by 2-story, wood-sided townhomes over a shared podium. The fourth edge, which faces a community park, integrates industrial and wood elements.