Chengdu OCT Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng

Located adjacent to popular amusement theme park, the emphasis of this development is given to the creation of a “live and play environment” for both the residents and visitors.

  • Location

    Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    OCT Enterprises Co.

  • Status


  • Size

    1,614,600 SF; 5000 Units; 150 Acres

Composed of first-class residential units including villas, duets, row homes, mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, as well retail and an exclusive club house hugged into the landscape, the development is connected along river waterways. Passing under the majestic gateway entrance to the river the vision is of residences which hug the curve of the community waterways.

Many residences straddle the waterways, allowing residents to have their individual water-oriented “porch”. The solar orientation of each of the buildings have been carefully planned to provide the residences with ample sunlight throughout the seasons. This is accomplished by situating the lower rise homes along the curving waterways while mid- and high-rise residences sweep the perimeter so that they will not shade the lower-scale the buildings. With traffic ways and landscape greens designed to complement the community and echo the waterways, the guiding architectural themes create a very welcoming, comfortable yet exclusive environment.