Confidential Financial Services Firm Los Angeles, California

When creating a new space for the west coast office of a large financial services firm, Steinberg Hart blended inspiration from the global brand with a stand-out design that highlights the identity of the Los Angeles office.

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    Los Angeles, California

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    5,700 SF

Working within guidelines established by the brand, our design team drew together a rich material palette of polished stone, gray fabrics, and warm woods that is accented by crisp tones. The new office offers the financial services firm a modern space that invites guests and inspires employees with a showpiece work environment. 

When the financial services firm moved into their new location, they also transitioned from individual offices to an open concept in order to increase interaction among the team. Steinberg Hart worked with the firm to maintain the comfort of private offices while building a more collaborative environment. By planning a series of quiet areas within the office, the designers created spaces for the team to use for a range of activities as they adjust to the open office. These pockets of privacy are also available as breakout spaces and meeting rooms. The new location includes a dramatic reception area for welcoming guests to the office. In order to accentuate the style of the office while maintaining a sense of privacy for the team, Steinberg Hart designed a custom wood screen in the reception area that allows light to flood the waiting area while defining the public lobby from the open office. 

Although the Los Angeles office retains a sense of its own identity through high-end, inspiring design and a view of the Hollywood sign, it also incorporates many elements that connect it to the larger firm. Throughout the office, Steinberg Hart installed materials that are specific to the brand’s colors and created abstract wall graphics that reflect the company’s heritage. By folding the firm’s branding into a handsome, contemporary workplace setting, Steinberg Hart created a space that remains integrated with the global firm while supporting the collaborative work style of the west coast office.