CSU Dominguez Hills Phase IV Student Housing and Resident Dining Carson, California

The Phase IV project will allow CSUDH to provide housing to designated low-income students and bolster direct access to affordable student housing for those students in the most need. While also providing a healthy, economical, meal alternative on campus.

  • Location

    Carson, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    CSU Dominguez Hills

  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Size

    63,150 GSF, 295 Bed, Student Housing and 17,530 GSF, 365 Seat, Residential Dining Facility

The Affordable Student Housing and Dining Commons Project will consist of a four-story residence hall and a separate one-story dining facility. The Project will be located north of the existing Phase III Student Residence Hall and west of Birchknoll Drive. The residence hall will house 288 students in a combination of single, double, and triple traditional residence hall style rooms. A shared student lounge will provide a social hub and place of connection for the residential clusters throughout the building.

Providing affordable student housing for low-income students will reduce the total cost of attendance, improve student graduation rates, and support student success. The university’s vision is to provide a model for on-campus housing access and equity for all students, regardless of income level. This project will increase access for under-served low-income students and support their success in achieving a higher education degree.


A formal Multipurpose Room and well as the informal student collaboration areas throughout the project help provide venues for academic and social support for the student residents.

At the ground floor, the residence hall will provide a residential coordinator apartment, administrative space, a laundry room, the multipurpose room, a large resident living room and a courtyard for both active and passive activities. The courtyard will create an indoor-outdoor connection to the multipurpose and building living room, allowing the large outdoor space to become an additional gathering and programmable space for University Housing Services.


The Project will be constructed to meet LEED Silver equivalency while striving to meet LEED Gold equivalency standards for energy and environmental performance. Sustainability goals include exceeding Title 24 Energy Performance by 10%.

The dining commons will be located west of the residence hall and act as a bridge between the central campus and the residential living-learning community.  This is the university’s first resident-centered dining facility. The dining commons will include approximately 315 indoor seats and approximately 50 outdoor seats.


Designed as a stand a lone facility the architecture of the building reflects the Commons Building from the recently complete Phase III Student Housing project adjacent to the site.  An iconic, tiled,  entry portal below the projecting roof form invites you to experience the vibrant interior of the Resident Dining Facility.

Student will have access to affordable, healthy, meal options which are central to their student residences.  Available for use throughout the day. The lofty interior space of the dining facility is filled with natural light and has access to a secure, covered, outdoor dining area.