Delaware State University, Student Life Quad Dover, Delaware

The new Student Life Quad anchors the University's main entrance, bringing together a new Student Center and a new Wellness Center. Fostering an environment for growth, the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center celebrates King's legacy.

  • Location

    Dover, Delaware

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Delaware State University

  • Status


  • Size

    68,000 SF

A gateway to academic collaboration and social gathering, members of the campus community are brought together in an environment that supports the spirit of fellowship. A glass façade advocates connectivity between the Center and Student Life Quad, promoting the building as an inclusive space.

The Wellness Center provides a place for students and community members to congregate, play, and stay fit. The building is one of the most significant structures on campus. It promotes physical well-being and vitality, enhancing the quality of student life while providing a resource that is enjoyed by city residents.

Anchoring the university’s main entrance, the Student Life Center is a signature building for the campus. Creating a new hub for student life and interaction that did not previously exist, the facility represents the university’s aspirations to strengthen school spirit, and foster a unique student culture. Part of the newly-conceived Student Life Quad, the center is a place students can call their own; a venue to socialize and hold events.


Building of America Award: Gold Medal Winner, 2010
Brick in Architecture Award: Silver, 2012