Globe News Center for the Performing Arts Amarillo, Texas

Shapes, colors, and materials, drawn from the regional landscape, influenced the forms, texture, and character of the 1300-seat performance hall and other interior spaces of the building.

  • Location

    Amarillo, Texas

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    City of Amarillo

  • Status


  • Size

    71,000 SF

Phenomenal grassroots support formed the driving force for the creation of the Center. Prominent members of the community, possessing bold ambition and determination, came together to realize their vision of a grand performing arts venue. Embodying the community’s cultural aspirations, the Center, located in the heart of downtown, serves the entire Panhandle region. The building has become a place for public meetings and private receptions. A tribute to the sense of civic pride in Amarillo, the project was privately funded, an unusual feat for any community.

Inspired by the nearby Palo Duro Canyon, the dramatically swooping roofline and undulating red sandstone walls of the Center echo the majestic landform. Seat coverings and terrazzo floors recall the quilt-like patterns of the surrounding irrigated farmland. Cladding the lobby ceiling are metal panels originally intended for cattle trucks, capturing the local flavor.

A specially-designed acoustical shell moves in less than four minutes, allowing for regional performances by Amarillo Opera, Amarillo Symphony, Lone Star Ballet, and a myriad of touring companies.