Hult Center for the Performing Arts Eugene, Oregon

Forming the centerpiece of the City of Eugene's downtown renewal effort, the center has stimulated economic growth and an increase of cultural activity in the city.

  • Location

    Eugene, Oregon

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    City of Eugene

  • Status


  • Size

    120,000 SF

Viewed as a community center, a range of public events take place there on a regular basis. Widely acknowledged as a singular achievement of architecture and acoustics, the building has become a favorite destination in Eugene as a place for social interaction before and after performances.

A marvelous accomplishment by the community, the center embodies the city’s commitment to the arts. The silhouette of the lobby mirrors the evergreen treetops of the region. Douglas fir columns, reaching 60 feet in the air, support the roof and lobby balconies, echoing the magnificent forests of the Northwest.

The powerful image of these columns emphasizes the grand scale of this civic building. A rich collage of colorful marbled-glass panels provides day and nighttime interest to passerby.


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