Los Angeles County Community College District Condition Assessments Los Angeles, California

Steinberg Hart conducted a complete assessment of the LACCD’s existing campus facilities to enable the nine colleges to improve campus operations, including decommissioning aging or outdated buildings and making strategic sustainable investments to address deferred maintenance.

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    Los Angeles, California

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    Los Angeles County Community College District

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LACCD is located within the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County limits. Consisting of nine colleges serving greater Los Angeles and encompassing a geographic area of 882 square miles and a population of over ten million people, LACCD is among the largest community college districts in the country.

Developed to measure and report facility conditions of all nine colleges in the District, the assessment documents both the condition and location of those facilities, providing a deeper understanding of the implications for long-term planning. This is the first time such a survey is being completed for each campus and it provides valuable information in not only determining current condition and required repairs but also provides the basis for coordinating future investments.

We performed in-depth analyses focused on the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Facilities Condition Index (FCI) score, age of buildings, and recently completed or proposed projects. The goal of this effort is to optimize the use of the LACCD’s existing space, and support LACCD sustainability goals while aiming for the success of all students.