Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles, California

With the main library, the 325-seat community auditorium, the children's library and by reclaiming the Maguire Gardens, an outdoor reading room, a much needed downtown gathering place was re-established.

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    Los Angeles, California

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    Los Angeles Public Library

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    539,000 SF
    325-Seat Community Auditorium

The result is increased recreational activity and weekend pedestrian traffic in an urban business district. Serving as a beacon of the past, the revitalized library was updated to fulfill the needs of modern technology without jeopardizing its historic character.

Following in the footsteps of the building’s original architect, Betram Goodhue, who worked with a team or artists to create the library’s colorful, decorative features, the new expanded library incorporates original artworks by fourteen local artists.

Among these works are atrium chandeliers by Therman Statom, atrium lanterns by Ann Preston, a large wall of color and tile by Ralph Bacerra, murals by John Valadez and Buss Spector, and an elevator cab by David Bunn that incorporates past library catalog cards.