Shepherd University, Center for Contemporary Arts Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Eager to cultivate opportunities for cross-disciplinary interactions, various artistic programs at the University partnered with one of America's foremost summer theater festivals to create a building that fostered an atmosphere of shared learning and experimentation.

  • Location

    Shepherdstown, West Virginia

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  • Service


  • Client

    Shepherd University

  • Status


  • Size

    Phase I: 32,500 SF
    Phase II: 29,700 SF
    200-Seat Theater

Flexible and easily adaptable, the Center minimizes learning barriers and enhances the dynamism of collaborative efforts between performers, playwrights, visual artists, and production designers.

The Center inspires creative inquiry and is the manifestation of a successful public-private joint initiative, forming the heart of cultural production in the oldest community in West Virginia. Bathed in natural northern light, the art studios’ high ceilings and window allow users to take full advantage of passive ventilation and day-lighting strategies.

Warehouse-style gallery spaces allow for a multitude of programming options and anticipate future users. Sensitive to its occupants’ well-being, a toxin-free printmaking studio was specially designed to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

The facility exists harmoniously with its natural surroundings, and using durable, recycled building materials, and increased water efficiency, promotes responsible stewardship of the environment.


Steel Joint Institute: Unique Applications, Honorable Mention, 2010