South Dakota State University, Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center Brookings, South Dakota

The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center serves as the home of the School of Performing Arts and establishes Brookings as a premier center for the arts in South Dakota and the region.

  • Location

    Brookings, South Dakota

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  • Client

    South Dakota State University

  • Status


  • Size

    102,000 SF
    225-Seat Recital Hall
    850-Seat Theater

Large rehearsal spaces for dance, band, orchestra, and choir give students excellent environments in which to practice. The 225-seat Founders Recital Hall serves small ensembles and solo performances and features a 2,848-pipe Reutorgan. The 850-seat Theater hosts university presentations, community theater and touring shows under a unique three-tiered LED chandelier.

South Dakota State University’s academic leaders envisioned a modern arts canter facility to enrich the University and the community which would enhance the teaching and learning process and lift the human spirit.

For the first time, the expanded building houses music, theater and dance under one roof, encouraging new opportunities for formal and informal cross-collaboration between departments. With its location at the entrance of SDSU’s campus, the new Arts Center establishes an artistic core, welcoming and appealing to members of both the campus and greater community.