Stevens Institute of Technology, Ruesterholz Admissions Center Hoboken, New Jersey

As the first stop for prospective students, Stevens' crimson and university emblems accentuate the Ruesterholz Admissions Center.

  • Location

    Hoboken, New Jersey

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Status


  • Size

    5,000 SF

The center will act as the starting point for campus tours and will host interviews with five dedicated rooms that are themed with graphics and inventions of prominent alumni.

The university’s 10-year strategic plan outlines a planned growth in the student population as well as an increase in selectivity that will be directly supported by the Ruesterholz Admissions Center.

Extensive upgrades support the center’s new function as a welcoming space for visitors and potential students.

Technology integration throughout the center will improve the experience of learning about the university, while large unobstructed windows and terraced outdoor space offer dramatic views of the Hudson River and New York City. Modern furniture and finishes emphasize the university’s progressive shift.