Sunnyvale Block 15 Sunnyvale, California

Combining public-facing amenity and open spaces, street-facing townhomes, and porous visual connections into the residential courtyards, this project will actively engage the wider Sunnyvale community.

  • Location

    Sunnyvale, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Related California

  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Size

    135,500 SF; 90 Units

Creating a gateway to downtown Sunnyvale on a 1.4 acre site, Steinberg Hart’s design for this new 90-unit development with Related California will integrate affordable and developmentally-disabled housing options into the neighborhood through scaled massing, community-friendly site design, connective landscape and an improved pedestrian experience. The Sunnyvale Affordable Housing project received its entitlements approval in April 2020 and will submit its building permit application in early 2021.