Tortoise Capital Advisors Los Angeles, California

As the financial services company was facing an office relocation, Steinberg Hart’s design team worked in close collaboration with Tortoise Capital Advisors (formerly Bradford & Marzec) to create an inspiring workplace that supports collaboration.

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    Los Angeles, California

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    Tortoise Capital Advisors

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  • Size

    8,100 SF

Although they moved less than a mile, the Los Angeles office gives the financial services firm a completely fresh environment that promotes communication and reflects the company’s brand and values. The new office was the first upgrade to the company’s work space in over 20 years and occurred just as Bradford and Marzec was transitioning to the Tortoise Capital Advisors brand. The new contemporary, light-filled space features clean lines with a cool blue and gray palette. 

We started the design process by interviewing each of Tortoise’s 50 employees. By bringing employees into the design conversation, the design team offered a platform for involvement and employee buy-in that eased the burden of the relocation and the restructuring. After hearing from employees, it was clear that natural light and open, clean spaces were key design requests. Mindful of these factors, our team created a sophisticated and bright environment with contemporary, industrial-style finishes.

As the financial services company transitioned into a new environment, they also changed from private offices to an open office concept. To support the new work style, Steinberg Hart designed large open spaces that facilitate impromptu conversations as well as private nooks for break-out sessions and small groups. The design team also folded elements into the new space that reflect the shift of the brand to Tortoise umbrella. The blue triangles that appear in the carpeting and as privacy screens on glass-walled meeting rooms are lent from company branding. This quiet emphasis on the brand nods to the company’s emergence under the Tortoise name while maintaining a sense of history.