UCI Verano 8 DPP Criteria Irvine, California

The UC Irvine Verano 8 DPP Criteria addresses the need for affordable, student-centered residences for graduates and families.

  • Location

    Irvine, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    University of California, Irvine

  • Status


  • Size

    445,000 SF (Verano 8); 315,000 SF (Parking Structure); 1,050 Beds

Building on Steinberg Hart’s work producing a capacity study of graduate and family student housing needs for UCI, the team developed a programming & criteria document for a Design-Build team to execute the first new phase with 1,050 beds of housing. The purpose of Verano 8 is to address the need for affordable housing, satisfy graduate student housing guarantees, and secure UCI’s ability to provide services and residences to its growing graduate student population.

On the Verano 8 DPP Criteria, Steinberg Hart provided detailed programming, working with UCI to study numerous housing options, including innovative models to enhance interaction and community building, while attempting to keep cost/bed at an affordable rate. The full project includes a, 7.86 acre site with 1,050 beds of graduate housing in mostly 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, a 10,000 SF community building with gathering, event and academic spaces to be used by the full Verano community, site amenities, a 853 stall parking garage, and a 6,500 SF maintenance & operations facility for housing.

Verano 8’s architectural character will respond to the UCI Physical Design Framework, expressing the architectural goals and values of the campus, while retaining a forward thinking residential quality. The project aims to provide unique and student-centered housing, one that will focus on building community amongst the residents, and become an amenity for all of Verano Place.