University of La Verne, The Ludwick Center La Verne, California

The Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement provides purpose, space and opportunity for students, campus members, and the greater community to gather, collaborate, and have meaningful interactions.

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    La Verne, California

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    University of La Verne

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  • Size

    20,000 SF

University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman said, “This places the University of La Verne at the forefront of where higher education needs to be in terms of educating and nurturing the whole person. A quality education is more than academics. It includes spirituality, cultural understanding, ethical reasoning, diversity, and community engagement.” The Ludwick Center includes interfaith spiritual and meditative rooms, classrooms, a yoga and quiet room, offices, and space for collaboration, study, and work. The center  brings together people from different backgrounds, religions, faiths, and traditions togetherinstilling a sense of shared community and common purpose that will extend across cultures, religions, and nations, to foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

The multicultural center provides a welcoming and appropriate environment for people of all religions, faiths, and traditions. “The Ludwick Center is emblematic of the university’s core values,” said Provost Jonathon Reed. “It is part of our effort to create a sense of belonging for all students at the University of La Verne.”