Ventura College Campus Plan Ventura, California

Reflecting the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, the Ventura College Campus Plan is shaped by the strategic and educational goals, all of which guide the physical development of the Campus. This Plan looks ahead 30 years to the year 2051 and includes recommendations for open space, circulation, transportation, and physical development.

  • Location

    Ventura, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Ventura County Community College District

  • Status


  • Size

    112 Acres

Over the course of workshops with the campus users and through campus visits, clear mobility and access patterns were discovered and analyzed. Vehicle and pedestrian gateways were established, along with the vehicle and pedestrian circulation paths that occur on campus once users arrive.

Classroom and Labs Utilization rates were analyzed to evaluate the current and future needs of the spaces. New classroom and lab buildings will bridge the gap between classroom sizes and enrollment numbers, as there is currently a discrepancy between the course enrollment numbers and classroom sizes available.

The analysis of the existing conditions included understanding Ventura College Carbon Footprint. The existing 2.9 MW Solar PV system on the campus will have 4,872,262 kWh of estimated energy generation capacity annually. It was estimated that approximately 68% of the energy consumption of the college will be met by onsite renewable energy on an annual basis.


This Campus plan strives to create a roadmap that serves as a guide that integrates social, environmental, and financial well-being of the Ventura College.

The planning process included analysis and recommendations for Ventura College East Campus (VCEC). To align the campus facilities with the District priority of supporting the growth of VCEC, the planning team conducted several workshops and listened to insights of multiple stakeholders regarding the condition and functionality of existing facilities and opportunities for future growth.