Vermont Corridor Mixed-Use Los Angeles, California

The new design takes advantage of the City of LA's progressive adaptive re-use policies to provide the neighborhood with 172 new residential units. The decision to renovate rather than tear down and build new was both an economical and a sustainable solution. The renovation will add a sky deck amenity space with a lap pool to the existing rooftop. Residents will also have access to a landscaped communal space on top of the stand-alone four-story parking garage. Steinberg Hart's design capitalizes on required structural upgrades to integrate seismic bracing elements into the building envelope.

  • Location

    Los Angeles, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Trammel Crow Company

  • Status

    In Design

  • Size

    192,000 SF
    4,700 SF Retail
    172 Units

Steinberg Hart is developing an inventive structural solution that will fully wrap the building’s exterior with articulated bracing, resulting in an iconic-looking honeycomb façade. This exoskeleton will reduce the need for internal columns beyond the building’s core, thus expanding the usable square feet of the individual units. By upgrading the existing building and the 4,700 SF of retail at the pedestrian level, Steinberg Hart formulated an original solution to re-purposing Los Angeles’s aging mid-century modern buildings, reducing blight in this rapidly improving neighborhood.