West Valley College Fox Technology Center Saratoga, California

The 30,000 SF Fox Technology Center embodies West Valley College’s commitment to the advancement of instructional computing and distance learning.

  • Location

    Saratoga, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    West Valley College

  • Size

    30,000 SF

An abundance of technological resources are integrated into the facility in order to give faculty the opportunity to experiment and implement a variety of different instructional strategies. Users have seamless access to the Internet, computer labs, classrooms, and other campus resources. 

The location of the facility as the campus gateway underscores its importance as a landmark building. New courtyards at the parking/entry and adjacent to the existing student center complement established courtyards and circulation patterns. The center’s design provides a level of transparency that permits users a view of the common areas and courtyard. The building program weaves in and out to create varied plazas and courtyards around the building. Every room is oriented towards the corridor and the outdoors. The Fox Center is the first of many wireless data buildings that provide Internet access to the campus’ exterior plazas. The facility includes a mixture of both “active” social spaces and “passive” study spaces that support individual, group, and classroom environments. The availability of wireless access, proximity to courtyards, and introduction of group study areas in and around the building encourage students to remain on campus and interact with their classmates and faculty. The Fox Center is to be the model from which the college defines future technology and design standards for all new construction on the campus.