Xsolla Los Angeles, California

Xsolla’s new North American Headquarters is a living representation of their colorful brand and logo. With a limited budget, we achieved a fully branded new headquarters by creating striking interventions in the space.

  • Location

    Los Angeles, California

  • Sector


  • Service


  • Client

    Xsolla, Inc.

  • Status


  • Size

    8,700 SF

Immediately upon entering the elevator lobby, Xsolla’s bright white space announces them as a vibrant, playful force. The bright and open reception area highlights a large conference room through 12-foot high glass, taking advantage of the 22nd-floor views of the valley beyond. Existing perimeter offices were maintained and paired with open work areas, social spaces, and a “Battlezone” where gamers can test new products. 

The new space layout allows for the technical and marketing teams to each have their own wings, as marketing has a dedicated area for product samples, marketing collateral, and markerboard. Ample pin-up and writable surfaces encourage staff to brainstorm new ideas and share materials. Furniture placement allows for informal gathering and further collaboration, while game equipment defines specific locations for play.  An enclosed kitchen and lounge space offers one final amenity space for the Xsolla team.