Chengdu Clubhouse Wins Design and Sustainability Honors at AIA International Region Awards

Steinberg Hart was recognized at this weekend’s AIA International Region Conference Gala with two prestigious honors: the Merit Award for Architecture and the Sustainable Future Award for Chengdu Zhengxing Clubhouse.

AIA International is the broadest geographical region of the American Institute of Architects. The Design Awards for Architecture recognize best practices, innovative thinking, and design excellence of AIA member projects worldwide. The Sustainable Future Award (SFA) honors projects that combine design excellence with sustainable design. Selected projects demonstrated meaningful, sustainable and integrated design that enhances human health, energy efficiency and stewardship of our diminishing resources.

About the Chengdu Zhengzing Clubhouse: The recreational clubhouse building is tucked into the hillside facing a creek, with the green terrain pulled over the top as a blanket of rolling hills.  Small, sculptural skylights emerge from the landscape along with the low-slung entrance canopy giving welcoming clues to the building within.  Along the creek, the multi-story façade forms a “cliff face” with terraces opening out from all the major interior spaces, and a geode-like multi-story glass lobby at the bend.

The entry experience takes cues from the legendary bamboo forests of Chengdu, providing rich spatial variety, with dramatic transitions from the elongated entry gallery with light filtering down from above, to the grand atrium lobby like a forest clearing, with views to the sky and the creek beyond.  The outdoor fitness pool doubles as a reflecting pool, connecting the building and creek with an infinity edge waterfall.  By blurring the boundaries between architecture, landscape and interiors, the clubhouse creates moments of surprise and discovery through a creative reinterpretation of local Chengdu culture and its landscape.

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