David Hart Discusses The History and Future of the Home Office with CityLab

Aspects of both personal and work life have been deeply affected by COVID-19, particularly in the way the workplace feels and functions. Steinberg Hart President & CEO David Hart recently spoke with CityLab to discuss how the first home offices started and how the office has transformed since.

The article traces the evolution of the office through recent history — from humble beginnings as simple desks within shops or homes to the development of the centralized office building — and highlights the revived focus on the home office in the wake of COVID-19. The cultural, technological, and social environments that have led to and defined the home office throughout history are also illuminated.

Hart forecasts how the design of the office will adapt to respond to COVID-19 and explains how he and Steinberg Hart will respond moving forward. According to the article, “Pre-Covid-19, only 10% to 15% percent of the apartment units [Hart’s] firm was building had some type of dedicated office space. . .going forward, he says, he expects that figure will be more like 75%.”

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