Fox Point Farms Approved by Planning Commission

Encinitas, California’s first farming-focused housing community won unanimous permit approval and much praise from the city’s planning commissioners Thursday, Dec. 17.

“My first impression of this project is it’s really kind of brilliant,” Commissioner Kevin Doyle said.

Commission Chairman Bruce Ehlers compared the project to the city’s iconic, historic Olivenhain Meeting Hall, saying it “has the possibility to be a defining location in the community for 50 years or more.” Commissioner Brett Farrow said it was “something we’ve all been seeking” and praised it for being a homegrown idea put forward by two Encinitas residents.

Commissioner Susan Sherod said it would “set the bar” for any others that come forward next, and Commissioner Amy Flicker said she agreed that the plans were impressive

The new development is to be called Fox Point Farms. The project is proposed to go on 21.5-acre site at the intersection of Quail Gardens Drive and Leucadia Boulevard. Plans call for the construction of 250 homes, of which 40 will be set aside for very low income families. Also included is a 5.5-acre farmland area, a farm stand, a farm-to-table restaurant and a community recreation center. The community has been designed on a pedestrian scale with a heavy emphasis on connecting both the farming operations and the economically diverse residents who will live in the homes, apartments and condominiums scattered about the property. The community will contain 40 housing units for very low- income people, above the required 25 necessary to receive exemptions under the state’s Density Bonus Law.

The farm aspect of the community will be integrated into everything from a restaurant that features on-site grown produce to an “edible” paseo between the homes where passing pedestrians can pick their own fruit. The community will even have  livestock, including chickens, on the site.

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