Grand Opening of Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

Steinberg Hart is thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire.

The loft-like two-story museum, supported by sprightly whole tree columns, acts as an armature for hands-on exhibits and technology to stimulate the imagination of young people. The colorful, flexible, 24,000 square foot interior space offers non-traditional learning opportunities that assist kids of all ages make their way through important developmental milestones. It inspires discovery and creativity, and as activities and opportunities for kids’ growth evolve in future decades, the installations within the museum can be reimagined without affecting the building structure. Currently, the museum features a number of exciting exhibits and learning opportunities, including an auto shop with a car for little mechanics to try their hand, a toddler-specific area, and a “Bitty City”, complete with a drive-through credit union and post office. It joins other local and regional resources to provide an accessible but secure, fun, and educational space for all ages including three educational classrooms and a makerspace to support STEAM education.

Its Barstow Street location signals entry to the reimagined heart of downtown Eau Claire. The new micro-sized structure’s prominent corner bay window marks this destination for Chippewa Valley families. Viewing ports provide vistas and an overlook to surrounding neighbors. The tactile precast concrete cladding with bark-like texture and a dozen other circular windows embrace the city while enlivening this sustainable carbon-neutral community resource.

Located just across the Eau Claire River from just Steinberg Hart’s Pablo Center at the Confluence, the museum replaces the original children’s museum and brings new early childhood education services to this community with a preschool opening later this year.