Las Palmas Modular Wins PCBC Gold Nugget Grand Award

Judges for the 2021 Gold Nugget Awards have named Steinberg Hart as an Grand Award winner in its annual competition, which honors architectural design and planning excellence and draws entries from throughout the United States and internationally. Chosen from the elite pool of Merit Award winners, Grand Awards were awarded at PCBC’s June 16th 2021 Gold Nugget Awards Virtual event. Steinberg Hart earned the Grand Award for the Last Palmas Modular project, which was honored for the Innovative Housing Concepts category.

Judges were impressed by the project’s innovative qualities, stating:

A ferociously-competitive array of eight projects teased, titillated, sparked, and energized judges in the Innovative Housing Concepts consideration set, three of the best of them set for the City of Angels. One that stood out, with its own glow, above the rest – is Las Palmas Modular. What captivated judges, at first sight, is the project’s elevation, stunning in its modern-day gleaning of Hollywood’s iconic natural and human uniqueness, where vertical structure emulates topography and each living space ignites a universe of dreams come alive. A central design and living principle – carless in Los Angeles – set the project’s development team in all the right directions, from the 380 square foot componentized module-based living units, stacked and terraced in a sculpture-like linkage of open and private spaces, so many of which access a panorama of the Hollywood’s hills. Innovations make on-site parking a thing of the past, and involve a lego-block modular construction process that adds velocity to assembly and puts residents in homes in a faster start-to-completion cycle.

Learn more about Las Palmas Modular here, and explore how Steinberg Hart is innovating with modular construction here. Visit PCBC’s full list of Grand Award project winners here.