Silicon Valley Business Journal Interviews David Hart on the Future of Design in Silicon Valley

Steinberg Hart CEO David Hart recently sat down with Silicon Valley Business Journal to discuss the state of design in the prolific tech region. In analyzing how architectural tendencies in Silicon Valley have already changed and continue to do so, Hart keenly breaks down the choices behind the local design language.

Hart, having headed and completed multiple projects in San Jose and Santa Clara (San Jose City Hall, The Pierce), is familiar with the region and the buildings that inhabit it. When asked about Silicon Valley’s design philosophy, Hart described a system of “self-contained campuses with perimeter parking” that are easily identifiable when traveling through the area (both by car and by plane).

Though these campuses have consistently improved – trending upwards over the last 20 years thanks to projects by Frank Gehry (Facebook) and Norman Foster (Apple) – Hart notes that many of the area’s designs remain rooted in the campus format. Consequentially, Hart sees design innovation originating from the interior: “The large floor plates, high ceilings, the interconnected floors and atriums. These things that are going on within isolated campuses, there’s some great innovation and creativity going on.”

To innovate and evolve the workplace, Steinberg Hart is taking steps to address the most common, important needs of the working individual. Creating places to relax and unplug during the day and approaching the implementation of amenities with great intentionality are just a couple ways the firm intends to do so.

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