Steinberg Hart President and CEO David Hart Speaks at P3C 2020

On March 2nd, the Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo 2020 (P3C) kicked off in Dallas. For three days, leading industry experts gathered to discuss innovation and the future of the architectural, real estate, and development industries. Steinberg Hart President & CEO David Hart, AIA, helped lead discussions on innovation in hybrid real estate and social infrastructure through P3 projects.

In a joint effort with other expert panelists during a session entitled “How to P3 for Small to Mid-Sized Projects and Communities,” Hart helped review the viability and utility of various procurement, project delivery, and financing structures to be considered for small- to mid-sized projects and local governments. With a focus on best practices and lessons learned, the session was designed for public officials who might be confused by the definition of a “P3”, are unsure if their deal is large enough to be a “P3”, or are overwhelmed by prospect of a 30-year O&M contract or a fully integrated DBFOM deal structure.

According to Hart, P3 was “a great panel and conference – we are learning more and more about how to make P3’s more innovative and more valuable for our clients and the communities we serve.”

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