Steinberg Hart Joins The Kelsey, Commits to Championing Accessibility and Universal Design

Steinberg Hart is now a Committed Firm with The Kelsey, a non-profit organization that centers the perspectives of people with disabilities to speed up development of affordable, inclusive community housing – opening new doors to more opportunities for everyone. 26% of people have a disability, yet it’s estimated that less than 6% of the national housing supply is designed to be accessible. As housing communities are created, they don’t often meet the diverse accessibility and inclusion needs of people with disabilities.

Garnering the attention and support of organizations such as Google Ventures and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the organization is currently advancing a housing pipeline worth over $180 million, beginning with the building of more than 240 affordable, accessible homes in one of the nation’s most challenging housing markets, California. Through the application of design thinking related to social change and in partnership with community leaders, investors, developers, and policymakers, the team has created a nationally scalable blueprint for success.

While code sets the baseline for what’s required, no holistic guidelines define an implementable, progressive approach to creating truly accessible and inclusive housing. The Housing Design Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion aim to equip designers, builders, and developers with guidelines and frameworks for disability-forward housing creation.

The standards define a set of multifamily housing design and operations strategies. Co-created by advocates, developers, and architects, the elements support cross-disability accessibility and link disability-forward design choices to intersectional benefits around affordability, sustainability, racial equity, and safety. Development teams can use the Design Standards to plan and design their projects, then self-certify their communities on their level of access and inclusion.

As a Committed Firm, Steinberg Hart will champion the Housing Design Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion by actively using and sharing them. We are committed to driving access and inclusion forward in our work and communities. 

Steinberg Hart is currently designing a number of affordable housing projects in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, leveraging creative funding models, working with cities and community organizations, and serving a wide variety of populations. Sunnyvale Block 15, slated for completion in Summer 2023, will integrate both affordable and developmentally-disabled housing options into the neighborhood.

For more information about The Kelsey, visit their website.