Throughout our 65-year history, Steinberg Hart has provided services to federal, state, and local government agencies. Our portfolio includes facilities supporting our national security and defense; civic and public administration centers; public safety, operations and emergency response facilities; transportation and logistics hubs, and place-making landmarks.

Steinberg Hart is deeply aware that government facilities impact public outcomes for many years. Public buildings carry with them the special responsibility of maximizing the value of public investment over time, and we take seriously the trust bestowed upon us to realize our client’s needs and aspirations. Notably, that trust has granted us three decades of successful work supporting our nation's military, Navy, and Marine shore facilities across Southern California and beyond. For all of our government and military clients, we design with the future in mind: our approach integrates resiliency, sustainability, flexibility, and adaptability into all our buildings. By making our buildings "future-proof", we help provide an opportunity for public agencies to remain innovative for decades to come.