Steinberg Hart's interiors practice creates richly textured, memorable, and expressive environments.

We believe that the vibrancy of human activity should be reflected in interior space through the shaping of forms and the use of patterns, colors, and textures. We craft a human-focused experience that starts from the moment one arrives at our buildings and walks through the front door. It is responsive to the surrounding landscape and architecture which is manifested in our careful space planning and selection of materials. We engage the senses by layering in furnishings, lighting, signage, art and accessories, and a thoughtful response to acoustics.

We establish a specific identity and sense of place for each of our projects that results in a lively environment unique to each client. Spaces are designed to reflect the distinct context of a building and its users and to facilitate the creation of memories and forging of social experiences. Creating interiors that embody the singular intent of each project arises out of an investigation of local culture, programmatic needs, existing conditions, material applications, and sustainability. We listen, learn, question, and explore; generating complementary designs that bring people together.