At Steinberg Hart we infuse planning into everything we do, whether it is a city or campus plan, a new building, renovation, or interior design. Our integrated processes ensure every project, regardless of size, is visionary and implementable.

Planning is a collaborative process that ensures addressing long-range needs while allowing flexibility to address presented opportunities and challenges within the context of a city or campus. Steinberg Hart has planned millions of square feet of educational, civic, and federal spaces across the nation, and we seek to enhance quality, experience, and success for end-users.

We believe planning exists at the intersection of people, place, and mission that are unique to each project. Our extensive experience has shown that every plan requires a tailored approach to achieve its central mission. By synthesizing foundational goals with the complex needs of stakeholders and the specific project setting, we endeavor to balance the best interests of all parties in a roadmap that looks to the future.