Through the design of evocative and memorable spaces, our theaters, performance venues, and learning environments enrich peoples’ lives and the way in which they interact with and experience the arts, entertainment, and culture.

We have programmed and designed over 280 projects for the performing and visual arts. We understand the complex acoustic, spatial, and architectural requirements of different arts environments, resulting in a body of work that encompasses studios, recital halls, rehearsal spaces, flexible theaters, multi-use theaters, lyric opera houses, concert halls, galleries, art workshops, and support spaces. Our ability to creatively plan and design performing and visual arts facilities that serve users exceptionally well is widely recognized by 100 design awards.

A deep sense of responsibility to clients and to their communities is at the heart of our practice and is essential to each unique design. Our responsive, iterative process and our understanding of the distinct character of each location influences use of materials, forms, patterns, and colors, resulting in buildings that are firmly rooted in their communities.