Steinberg Hart delivers buildings and spaces that foster civic life, enrich human experience, and enhance human potential. We believe that public buildings and spaces symbolize the shared aspirations of a community and offer a sense of belonging. Therefore, each building we create reflects the enduring values of the local community and offers space that strengthens society.

Our buildings create an energetic sense of place. We have designed vibrant community centers, libraries, recreation centers, and place-making landmarks that are deeply rooted in their communities; whether seen from a distance or experienced up close, memorable public architecture becomes part of the identity and of the shared perception of the community it serves. Through a user-centered design process, we create environments that support public programs and service missions to inspire – and strengthen – our shared sense of public space.

Steinberg Hart employs efficient, sustainable design solutions that allow people to develop connections between the built and the natural environments. Through careful programming and an understanding of context, our public spaces foster healthy environments for those that live, work, and play in them and strengthen the communities they serve. By creating memorable spaces, we generate pride, promote learning, evoke comfort, and build experiences that draw communities together.