Steinberg Hart works with clients to rethink the hotel experience with a focus on personal touch, free flow, and a hosted and curated experience that embraces the neighborhood, expanding amenity offerings beyond the property and into the community. From renovations to new, state-of-the-art luxury hotels, we are re-imagining the guest experience.

Hotels have the potential to bring a personal touch to the hospitality experience. Using smart technology, hotels can offer a seamless, curated, and personal experience to their guests. Personal profiles that are conveyed to the hotel allow hosts to recognize guests to provide for their personal preferences and desired experiences (valet or self-parking, bellhop or self-portage, anonymous or social arrival).

The transformation of the reception desk into a free-flowing path of travel creates a more choreographed guest experience. By replacing the check-in/out processes with clearly recognizable hosts floating along zones, hotels are able to further personalize the arrival/departure of their guests.

Hotels are expanding the amenities offered to include a more diverse pool of social and non-traditional users, including micro-events, game rooms, commercial kitchen, connectivity and co-working spaces to serve the modern digital nomad and embed itself in local activity. No longer is the hotel seen as insular, instead, we strive to create hotels that are an integrated part of a community. By connecting amenities to a larger milieu, the hotel can expand its user base and diversify revenue generators.